Bahn Mi Burger with Sriracha Aioli

Add another star player to your summer burger roster: the Veal Banh Mi Burger. Veal has a delicate, mild flavor that is a perfect canvas for the quick pickled vegetables, cilantro, and spicy Sriracha aioli on this burger. Cook along with us! You won’t want to miss this one.

Green Chili Veal Enchiladas

This week we’re cookin’ with veal. Here’s our recipe for green chili enchiladas using ground veal. We’ve decided to take this protein to a place it’s not usually featured: in Mexican-inspired green chili enchiladas. The subtle spiciness of tomatillo and jalapeño and the tender veal pair so well together–it’s surprising that we’ve never made this […]

Herb-Crusted Rack of Veal

Stretch your cooking chops for a special occasion: an elevated dinner recipe Next up: A rack of veal so herb-crusted, it might just outshine everything else on your table. We’re talking a no-fuss, all-flavor kind of evening with crispy-edged potatoes and a punchy Italian Salsa Verde that screams “I tried” (but, like, not too hard). […]

Creamy Chipotle Shells

Late summer has all the golden toasty vibes we want to hang on to, while autumn is starting to whisper in our ear. This recipe celebrates both seasons, with comforting creamy shells, and fresh corn and basil bring the summer sunshine freshness. Make this dish on a Sunday and enjoy the delicious leftovers all week!

Tahini Satay with Green Papaya Salad

Tender smoky satay should be part of your regular rotation, easy, fun, and on a stick!. We’ve paired it a fresh green papaya salad that will leave you feeling like summer just got a little bit closer.

Crispy Crunchy Thai Salad

All the fresh chili, lime, and crispy rice come together to make this light satisfying salad sing. Classic techniques and timeless flavor combinations will have you whipping this yummy salad up in the regular! Come on over tonight!

Veal Schnitzel

A weeknight hero, complete with cathartic thwacking and a super satisfying crunch. Dial in your technique and then use it with just about any protein. Swiss chard coming in to join as a delicious side dish. A cozy winter dinner with a friendly nod toward Spring!

Pressure Cooker Bolognese

A rich pot of instant comfort that only tastes better if it’s made the day before. White wine is used so that the delicate flavor of the veal isn’t overpowered. Whole milk adds a subtle richness and creaminess to the sauce. Cooking in a pressure cooker means there won’t be a pot cooking on top […]

Cornbread Chili Pie

A hearty meal for the whole family full of flavor that highlights the savoriness of veal. Bulk up the chili by adding your favorite chopped veggies. Perfect for a weeknight meal or bringing to a game day gathering.    

Grilled Gyro Meatballs

Creamy Greek yogurt tzatziki and a tangy tomato salad complement a super savory veal meatball that all come together in a warm, fluffy pita. Swapping in nutrient-dense ground veal for the meatballs results in a more tender, lean, and juicy protein that’s perfect for quick cooking. The cooked Gyro Meatballs freeze beautifully and can be […]