Spiced Dutch Babies with Pumpkin Butter

It’s hard to believe, but this delicious recipe is low sugar, high protein, and features a yellow vegetable! Its true! Bring all your ready for fall feelings to this class to learn the art of the perfect dutch baby. this could be the worlds greatest breakfast, a home-run (easy) dessert, or dare we say it, […]

Peach Pork Chops

Nothing better at this time of year than enjoying all the wonderfully ripe in season fruit. This class features not one but two(!!) recipes that bring seasonal fruit to the dinner table in a healthy and delicious way. We’ll be sharing bullet proof ways to make sure your pork chops stay tender and juicy. We’ve […]

Chicken Wraps & Green Bean Fries

Fresh picked tastiness with an unexpected fruity addition will make these lettuce wraps a happy new addiction. Green bean fries are the crunchy healthy snack you’ll be making all summer. Come on over and keep the kitchen nice and cool!

Taquitos & Cilantro Lime Chopped Salad

All the crunchy deliciousness of taquitos, minus the splattery drama of the deep fryer. Nestle these crispy friends next to a cilantro lime chopped salad that’s tasty enough to stand alone. Join us tonight for this easy weeknight winner.

Eggs Benedict Florentine

All the brunchy glory of Eggs Benedict with the added bonus of a hollandaise you can truly enjoy on all fronts. Join us to learn all the poaching tricks and hollandaise secrets.

Chicken & Asparagus Wild Rice Soup

You’ve been craving all the fresh green things, but still want something hearty and warm. This soup delivers on both. Delicate asparagus goes skinny dipping with wild rice. Perfect to dig into on a cozy Sunday afternoon while watching your garden come back to life. This flavorful soup also happens to support kidney health and […]

Turkey Chili & Skillet Cornbread

The coziest chili and caraway cornbread. Perfect for when you wish warm weather was closer, but there’s still a way to go. This chili comes together in less than 45 minutes with a skillet-baked cornbread you’ll be sneaking bites of long after dinner.

Crispy Chicken & Avocado Alfredo

Not a typo! This silky avocado alfredo is a real (delicious!) thing. Paired with a crispy breaded chicken, this dinner will shock and awe in equal measure. Try it because you’re curious, come back for seconds because you’ve discovered the foxiest new way to celebrate National Alfredo Day.    

Healthyish Steak & Potatoes

Old school cravings get whipped into a new school healthy weeknight dinner. Creamy mashed potatoes with some sly veggies satisfy all your winter “are we there yet” feelings. Pick up the inside scoop on healthy cuts and easy ways to add big flavor.

Braised Pork Chops with Cranberry Chutney

A tasty and festive holiday entrĂ©e for the winter season! Searing then braising the chops makes sure the pork is tender with lots of flavor. The chutney adds texture and sweetness. Plus it can easily be made the day before serving. Using salt-free seasonings and low-sodium chicken broth gives the chef final control over how […]