Seattle-Style Steak Teriyaki

If you’ve been to Seattle, you know how dear our teriyaki is to us! The version we know in our city came to us from Japan by way of Hawaii, where the teri-yaki cooking method brought by Japanese immigrants was given some twists, and paired with a creamy salad and rice to make a plate […]

Elote Enchilada Pie

Inspired by the Mexican street food, this Elote Enchilada Pie is layered with creamy corn filling, and studded with spicy tangy jalapeños, bringing that sweet and savory punch you didn’t know you needed.

Grilled Skirt Steak with Goat Cheese Polenta

Now that we have two feet in Spring, it’s time to get back behind the grill. Skirt Steak is an affordable beef cut that takes on flavor super well, and loves the high heat of the grill. We’re charring some scallions, too, and whipping those into a gorgeous compound butter that melts over the steak, […]

Beef and Ginger Noodles

There’s a special alchemy to ginger and garlic. When they’re together, they make everything around them better. This zingy rich beef and ginger noodles will have you happily slurping away and swearing off takeout forever. It’s that good!

Beef Bulgogi

An intensely flavorful marinade quickly transforms sirloin into the star of the meal. Briefly freezing the meat before slicing helps produce super thin slices. Using a blender for the marinade saves time and ensures all the ingredients are fully combined . Asian pears are crunchy like apples but have a rounded sweetness that adds complexity […]

Onion Jam Burger Sliders

So much flavor in a small package! These sliders are easy to make and you’re ready to entertain a crowd in under 45 minutes. If you’re short on time then all of the ingredients can be prepped the day before. Best part of this recipe is that most of these ingredients are in your kitchen […]