Seared Scallops with Citrus Olive Relish

Let’s show Mom some searing love this Mother’s Day. Starting with gorgeous fresh scallops, this tender and refreshing plate can be an elevated appetizer or part of an elegant dinner. Even if you’re not the cook of the house, we’ll show you how to nail this recipe and plate it up pretty for mom’s approval. […]

Mastering Marinades

Let’s marinate! Join our three-recipe class where we’ll be marinating and cooking salmon, halibut, and cod filets, each with a completely different and delicious healthy dinner recipes. Discover how the simple step of marinating enhances the flavor and texture of each fish. Pick a recipe to follow along and see why this one extra step […]

Crispy Wrapped Salmon

Easy and impressive is one of our favorite combos and this recipe has both in spades. Tender potatoes, creamy swiss chard, and glorious salmon all climb into a pastry sleeping bag that gets golden brown with a quick stint in the oven. Lovely for company and easy enough for a night in, treat yourself!

Moroccan Salmon & Chickpea Frites

You can do lemon on salmon any old day. This class is all about the sweet tanginess of pomegranate molasses bringing depth and sweetness to your tastebuds. Chickpeas might not be on your radar as a crispy crunchy (healthy) side dish, but these fries will make them a regular at your table. Join us!

Lobster Bucatini

Be transported to sunny Sorrento with this stunner of a recipe. A rare combination of luxurious richness and light bright summer flavors, this is not a class to miss. We’ll be cooking up beautiful lobster tails and adding them to toothsome bucatini, sweet corn, and white wine. Ciao Bella!

Peppercorn Swordfish & Shoestring Frites

Steak au poivre like you’ve never had it before. All the bright punchy flavor of green peppercorn paired with delicious swordfish steaks. Shoestring fries bring an addictive crunch to this stellar classic with a twist French dish.

Island Style Red Snapper

Easy, not intimidating. This whole fish recipe will have you wondering what you were so scared of, while bright slaw and island flavors will get you into vacation mode for the weekend. Join us tonight!

Seafood Bouillabaisse

A deeply flavorful dish highlighting a bounty of seafood. Making the dish in one pot will save on cleaning and look impressive enough to display to a crowd. The large variety of seafood means there’s something for everyone. A quick aioli spread on toasted bread adds a bright acidity to the savory stew.

Spaghetti & Clams Puttanesca

A sauce hailing from Naples brought to new flavor depths with the addition of clams. Clams are an affordable protein that’s ready in minutes. This dish feeds a crowd on a budget, is packed with flavor and ready in under 30 minutes. Pair this dish with the wine used to make the sauce and always […]