Green Minestrone & Sesame Crackers

There’s minestrone and then there’s this very special decadent creamy green minestrone. Chock full of flavor and coming to the party with easy peasy scratch-baked black sesame crackers. Elegant, bright, and hearty all in one delicious bowl. Get your green on with us tonight!

Salsa Verde Enchiladas

Tomatillos are the stars of these delicious vegetarian green enchiladas. Serrano chiles and fresh lime juice fill out the supporting cast of the verde sauce, with bell peppers, corn, and zucchini bringing the heart to the zesty home run weeknight dinner.

Croque Monsieur & Asparagus Salad

International travel minus the melatonin and compression socks. This humble hero (with a fancy name) is a great classic to add to your cooking arsenal. Also, a wonderfully snarky recipe to bust out when that one *special” friend can’t (won’t?) stop talking about their trip to Paris.

Savory Japanese Pancakes

These versatile and EASY savory pancakes are the recipe you didn’t know your pantry was calling out for. When there’s “nothing” in the fridge, this is your secret weapon for whipping up a stay-at-home masterpiece. Join us tonight to expand your culinary repertoire and make a solid dent in your veggie stash.

Tikka Masala Naan-wich

Everything you love about Tikka Masala but in hand-held form! Learn all the insider tips for knocking out a delicious chicken tikka masala at light speed. We’ll also whip up a curry aioli that brings this magical sand-naan-wich to the next level.

Smoked Salmon Chowder

Light and herby, this delicious salmon chowder is wonderfully hearty while remaining firmly gloop free. Cornbread biscuits round out this dinner this perfect spring dinner. We’re keeping our slippers on while admiring the daffodils, come join us.

Shrimp Po’boy

Mardi Gras is coming early this year! Get ready to celebrate with the shrimp po’boy of your dreams. Perfectly breaded shrimp (with a secret ingredient!) parties down with crisp lettuce and spicy remoulade. This bad boy is a mouth party that’s as fun as Mardi Gras itself.