Classic Italian Porchetta with Bitter Greens

This stunning, easy, crispy crackling porchetta is everything you want at this time of year. Feeds a crowd, leftovers are magical, and there’s plenty of time to sneak in a nap! Radicchio and argula add bright bitter notes to balance the rich pork. Andiamo!

Whipped Ricotta Stuffed Shells

No one’s ever been mad to sit down to a big, glowing plate of stuffed shells: the classics are the classics for a reason. We bring lemon zest and fresh herbs to the party to add some brightness to this ultra-warm and cozy dish.

Korean BBQ Chicken & Orzo

This delicious recipe has umami coming out the wazoo! Sesame, ginger, garlic, and kimchi (yup, that’s right!) bring so much depth of flavor without adding heat. You’ll love this comfort dinner without the heaviness!

Cider Glazed Pork Chops & Chorizo White Beans

It’s time for all the good things: cider, sweaters, and rustling leaves. This recipe is all that and more. Bone in chops are glazed in cider, with chorizo white beans bringing delicious heat and heartiness. This is a recipe you’ll be making on repeat until spring comes round again!