Fish 101

You asked for it, so here it is: how to filet a fish! Grab your Global filet knife and a whole branzino or trout and learn how to use the fish from head to tail. We’re going to make a tangy ceviche, pan-seared fish with a simple but delicious pan sauce and use the head […]

Crispy Indian Crêpes (Dosas)

Dosas are made from a fermented batter, so it is essential to mix this batter up at least 8 hours before cooking, although it can be refrigerated for up to 3 days after fermenting. A high quality crêpe pan from Scanpan yields crispy dosas with an easy clean up.

One Pan Lasagna

Lasagna doesn’t have to be an hours long project. One pan, 45 minutes, and a stovetop is all it takes to get this layered delight on your dinner table (that’s right, no need to turn on the oven for this one!). If you’re a fan of the browned, bubbly cheesy topping, however, feel free to […]

All About Eggs pt. 2

Ready for round 2 with eggs? Grab your Scanpan and a bunch of eggs and join us in the kitchen for an omelet that has gone viral, a sausage-wrapped boiled egg and the brunch favorite: hollandaise.

Blackberry BBQ Chicken

No need to fear this deliciously sticky BBQ sauce when you are cooking it with your Scanpan sauce pot and grill pan. Perfectly grilled chicken gets bathed in the BBQ sauce and caramelized then served alongside an easy, flavor-filled quinoa salad.

All About Peaches

Get some inspiration for how to use your favorite summer stone fruit with these 3 different peach recipes: gazpacho, grilled salad, and a flambé-because who doesn’t love a good flambé? These are sure to become a welcome addition to your summer recipe rotation so don’t sleep through the season!

All About Zucchini

Put your Global knives and Scanpan grill pan to work with these zucchini recipes that highlight one of the most prolific summer bounty. A grilled sweet & sour zucchini, an update to the zoodle and a classic fritter will have you whipping up a feast while practicing your knife skills.

The Art of the Hamburger

An elegant take on a classic, this class will show you how to make the perfect hamburger served with two delicious condiments in just a few simple steps and techniques.