Citrus Cannolis

It’s an official party for our last stop as we savor the world! There’s dipping and stuffing and frying, what’s not to love! We’ve even put a homemade twist on this classic dessert with candied pistachios and handmade orange sugar. Fun for everyone!

Classic Cheese Souffle

Toss all your preconceived notions about souffles (too fussy, too fancy) out the window! This classic cheese souffle is the perfect empty fridge, rainy night, dinner for two. Pair with a lovely salad and you’re good to go. Cheesy, rich, and a little bit magical, don’t miss out on this class!

Moroccan Snake Tart

This delicious snake tart is inspired by the Moroccan dessert, M’hencha. It’s flavored with rich ricotta and crunchy pistachios. Named after its coiled shape, this delicious tart is light, easy-to-make, and comes together so quickly. Join us as we continue to savor the world to add this dessert to your repertoire!

Dulce de Leche Conchas

One of the true pleasures of visiting Mexico City is making a daily pilgrimage to the closest bakery and enjoying classic Mexican pastries. Conchas (shells) are a popular type of pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) that’s commonly sold in panaderias (bakeries) across the U.S. and Mexico. These beautiful Dulce de Leche Conchas have a delicious […]

Rasmalai Pistachio Cake

Inspired by a popular Indian dessert, Rasmalai, this cake is the sunshine you’ve been looking for. Tender cardamom and pistachio flavors get dressed up with its secret ingredient frosting and a dusting of rose petals. Unique, easy, and oh so memorable. Bake along and watch the compliments roll in.

Strawberry Mochi Upside-down Cake

We are virtually traveling the world in our kitchen with our partners at Savor this year, and our first stop is Japan. This Strawberry Mochi Upside-down Cake recipe is inspired by a popular Japanese cake, mochi! Sliced strawberries bring the delicious drama while the strawberry glaze keeps things light and bright. This gluten free treat […]