Duck Breast with Charred Citrus

Wonderfully rich, duck breast is the under appreciated hero of the holiday season. Fancy and delicious, duck pairs so well with the bright citrus of the season. Shaved brussels sprouts are the perfect balance to the rich main dish. Show off, treat yourself, and enjoy!

Roasted Prime Rib

Cooking a beautiful cut of meat like prime rib can be intimidating. It feels so high stakes (pun intended), so let us walk you through it. Accompanying our prime rib are showstopper, melt-in-your-mouth fondant potatoes, and spicy horseradish cream to cut through all the decadence.

Perfect Pepper Steak

This Steak au poivre is definitely in contention for last meal on earth level deliciousness. We’ll be sharing all the do’s and dont’s of making the perfect steak and the best peppery sauce you’ve ever tasted to drizzles generously over both your steak and the yummy homemade frites. You won’t regret adding this recipe to […]

Classic Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata’s combination of rich, bright, and crunchy make this dish a go-to all year round. Both cheerful and comforting, mastering the techniques of this recipe will serve you well for years to come. We’ve paired our piccata with a buttery side of zucchini and bucatini. This toothsome combo is the perfect side for just […]