Miso Glazed Salmon & Shitake Risotto

This time of year always inspires us to seek out the richest most flavorful recipes and ingredients. This miso glazed salmon and shitake risotto delivers on all fronts. Umami, is the considered the fifth essential taste, somewhere in the neighborhood of deeply savory and rich. The miso and the mushrooms are both classic umami flavors […]

Sushi + Burrito = 😍

Fresh! Exciting! Fresh as a….Sushi Burrito!?! Oh yeah, sushi grade salmon gets all wrapped up with crisp green cucumber, toothsome pickled veggies, perfectly cooked sushi rice (we’ll show you how!) and a crispy nori wrapper. Impressive and easy- what a combo!

Smoked Salmon and Chili Pizza

Hot smoked salmon and lemon are a dynamic duo that elevate ordinary pizza to a showstopper status. Chili garlic oil couldn’t be easier to make and adds a tasty spice kick at the end. A delicious meal for any day of the week!