Ultimate Philly

You think you know, but maybe there is more to know about about the iconic philly cheesesteak sandwich. Our version is punched up with extra veggies and pepperoncinis and a homemade cheese sauce that won’t leave you with a mystery ingredient hangover. Join us for all the secret tricks to making the cheesesteak of your […]

Mediterranean Steak Salad

Croutons are not enough. A real salad for real hunger, this Mediterranean Steak Salad stars our favorite summer steak, the hangar steak. Salty savory mediterranean chickpeas, feta, and pickled onions make every bite a satisfying party for your tastebuds. Hungry an hour later? Not with this salad!

Homemade Hotdogs

Classic all beef hotdogs made by YOU! No mystery ingredients, no secret factories, just your home kitchen and the promise of stellar cookout. Our chef will breakdown the steps, easy substitutions if you need them, and all the insider tips to create the perfect dog!

Lasagna Verde

Everyone knows lasagna right? This updated version skips the tomatoes in favor of bright greens, creamy bechamel, and weeknight hero ground beef. A brighter fresher take on a classic recipe. Come on over!

Chermoula Ribeye

Bright green chermoula sits atop the juiciest ribeye you’ve ever tasted. Sweet potato steak fries hold their own with crispy edge and a dusting of parmesan. Savor this simple delicious meal while watching a great western or as a prelude to throwing some horseshoes. Yeehaw!

Skillet Cheesesteak

You know you want in on this perfectly cheesy, perfectly easy, perfectly delicious one pot wonder. Fast and furious, this easy weeknight dinner will have all your fans cheering.

Carne Asada Tacos & Citrus Salad

We love them, they love us, TACOS. It’s easier than you think to make world class carne asada tacos at home. Bonus points for the brightest tastiest avocado and citrus salad. Come on over, you’re living the good life!

Argentine Steak & Chimichurri

Sure, you could keep it dull, but why? How about instead you turn up the zestiness with garlic, herbs, and fire! This steak has some serious flare in no small part due to the bright garlicky chimichurri that you’ll be slathering on just about everything after this class!