Birria Tacos with American Lamb

We’re cooking up the Mexican classic, Birria, and we’re making it with locally-sourced American Lamb! This rich, super flavorful braise is a variation of barbacoa, enhanced with freshly toasted spices and whole dried chiles. The meat is then served in tacos, with a side of heavenly broth for dipping. We truly cannot wait!

Tagine with American Lamb

Here we go: American Lamb, slow-cooked with a heap of spices, raisins, for a hit of sweetness, and olives, for a briny bite. Braising, the combination of a quick sear and then a low and slow cook in liquid, is the key to transforming tougher cuts of meat into tender, juicy tidbits. With our instruction, […]

American Lamb Borek with Apricots and Pistachios

We’re putting on our pastry hats and getting down with American Lamb. This recipe balances rich, savory American lamb with warm spices and sweetness from dried apricots, all rolled up in thin sheets of buttered filo pastry, which gets crispy in the oven. We’re here to guide you through working with the sometimes tricky filo […]

Spiced Braised American Lamb Shanks with Green Olives

Our Spiced Braised American Lamb Shanks with Green Olives is a flavorful and tender dish that counters the rich taste of lamb and warm spices with the briny punch of green olives. Our class will guide you through creating a savory, comforting meal that satisfies all year round. Pair it with our Carrot Tabbouleh and […]

Date Night Lamb

Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’re cooking up a date-night special. We’ll start with tender lamb chops, season and sear, and then finish the dish with a red wine sauce made in the very same pan. If you’re new to lamb, this is a great introduction. During class, we’re here to answer all your […]